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8 Tips to Promote a Healthier Office

Modern office spaces and work habits typically do not promote good health. Long hours of sitting, lack of sunlight, questionable air quality, and other factors coupled with workplace stress can result in increased absences due to illness, and lower productivity. To encourage success in your employees, and ultimately your business, consider adopting these 8 suggestions for improved workplace wellness.

  • Encourage Less Sitting - Most office work consists of sitting at a desk and working on a computer. As you can imagine, all this inactivity all day, everyday can lead to discomfort and eventually health problems. Try creating an office environment that encourages opportunities to stand and stretch, including short walking/standing meetings and standing desks.

  • Promote Natural Sunlight - Where possible, encourage natural sunlight over artificial light for employee wellbeing. Office windows are ideal, but if this isn’t an option, consider individual office desk lights that can be turned on and off over large fluorescent lighting that employees can’t control and may contribute to eye strain.

  • Provide Fresh Air - The workplace can come with a variety of airborne irritants and odors, such as cleaning chemicals, fresh paint, and office furniture which can agitate allergies and cause headaches for employees. Ensure that your office has adequate ventilation and periodically have an HVAC technician inspect your system for issues. If mold is detected, contact mold remediation professionals at ServiceMaster to address damage and eliminate the mold. Air purifiers with HEPA filters can also help employees breathe easier.

  • Keep Floors Clean - Dirty carpets and flooring significantly contribute to airborne irritants and bad odors which can interfere in employee productivity. Have your floors professionally cleaned by the technicians at ServiceMaster of Florence and ServiceMaster of Columbia to extend the life of your flooring, as well as improve air quality for your staff.

  • Decorate with Plants - Green, leafy plants can help promote an atmosphere of health and wellbeing, and breakup the sometimes sterile look of the office. Avoid plants with fragrances that could irritate and distract employees. Sansevieria can even help improve air quality.

  • Allow for Some Personal Decoration - While employees shouldn’t have their workspace covered in knick knacks, allowing three to four personal items, such as family photos, can help to reduce stress at work and make employees feel more comfortable.

  • Have a Committed Break Area - Discourage employees eating at their desk by providing a space for them to escape work for 30 minutes to eat their lunch. Break areas help to improve socialising between employees, and reset the mind for productivity during the second half of the day.

  • Offer Opportunities for Exercise - To promote health in the workplace, provide employees with a gym to workout during lunch or after work. Exercise supports good health, which will translate to fewer sick absences and better productivity. Even a small gym with a few machines is preferable to nothing. If adding a gym to your workplace isn’t feasible, work out a deal with a local gym to provide your employees with discounted memberships.

In addition to water and mold remediation services, ServiceMaster provides professional carpet and commercial floor cleaning services. Help maintain a healthy office with professionally cleaned flooring for employees and visitors. Call ServiceMaster of Florence or ServiceMaster of Columbia today to schedule your appointment.

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