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Fire Prevention: Christmas Cooking Edition

With Thanksgiving ending, there is no better way to celebrate the upcoming Christmas season than with a great family meal with friends!

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Food is one of the most common ways people come together during the Christmas holiday. Cooking experts know there are many different methods for meal preparation that include the use of heat and fire. During these heating processes, accidental fires are common incidents that unfortunately take place. They can be a result of either human error or an equipment malfunction. The common culprits for kitchen fires are unattended ovens and overheating pans.

To ensure a safe Christmas holiday, make sure that you never leave food unattended on the stove, in the pan on a cooker, or when using any method involving heat. Generally, a person multitasks while cooking, thus focusing more on the additional task; for example, this multitasking can lead to a fire due to the overheating of grease because the person forgot about the food in the pan. Leaving food unattended is a significant concern that should not be overlooked. Being aware of this common kitchen fire starter can help prevent fire damages. In case there is a fire in the pan, turn off the cooker or stove and use a lid to cover and smother the fire. Do not use water because the grease could spread to nearby combustible materials, thus also spreading the fire. If the fire is uncontrollable and damages your home, contact ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration in Florence, SC to restore your property after the destruction.

It is also recommended to have instructions for children around the house during the Christmas holiday. To ensure their safety, utilize a rule that keeps children at least three to four-feet away from sources of open fire in the kitchen. Also make sure that pot holders, oven gloves, and lids are in close proximity just in case of an outbreak. Another consideration is having a fire extinguisher to ensure that all fires can be quickly snuffed out. No one wants any accidents during this great holiday season!

Recently, a major concern on the use of turkey fryers was raised because it is not regarded as a safe method for frying turkeys anymore since the outdoor gas-fueled process places the environment at risk. The hot oil may boil and splash outside the pot; this hot oil could land on an individual’s skin and severely burn the person. Also, when the oil is heated beyond its cooking temperatures, it may burn because its combustible nature. Therefore, when frying a turkey, consider using alternative methods of frying that do not include the use of “popping” fuel to create a safe environment for your family during Christmas. If a turkey fryer is necessary, seek professional and experienced personnel for the preparation of your holiday meal so that your family can enjoy a safe and fire-free Christmas holiday.

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