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Clear vs. Black Water Flooding

Properties are damaged by flood and/or water damage can be the result of pipes bursting, stormy weather, or from pipes backing up through your system. But what property owners and managers need to realize is that not all flood damage is the same, there are two types of flood damage, which you should education yourself on so you know what to expect if your property ever falls victim to flooding.

Clear Water

The first type of flood damage can be caused by clear water. Clear water flooding presents the least amount of damage to a property. Clear water flooding is often the result of a pipe that is linked to your sinks, shower, or other appliances, has broken and is allowing clean, clear water to flood your property. To repair your property from clear water is quite simple; the experts will extract the standing water, sanitize the affected area, and utilize dehumidifiers and air movers to dry your structures, preventing severe water damages.

Black Water

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have black water. Black water is the type of flooding you want to avoid at all costs. Black water is the result of sewage lines or septic tanks backing up through your pipes, or water that has run it’s course in the outdoors collecting filth and entering into your property. Black water generally contains bacteria, sewage, microbes, and several other contaminants that can be toxic or hazardous.

The cleanup process for black water can be quite the daunting task, even for the experts because black water cleanup is a complex process. Unlike clear water, once any standing black water is removed and the area is dry, there is still the task of eliminating and removing the bacteria and other microbes that have been absorbed into materials. The experts will do their best to eliminate bacteria using a variety of cleaning agents and equipment to sanitize the area, but there will be times when items and materials may become too infested and deemed as a lost cause as the element cannot be guaranteed to be thoroughly sanitized. For such scenarios, it is best to simply discard the item and replace it with new materials.

For flood damage services always rely on ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration. We the local experts you can trust to handle any and all forms of water damage in your property. We provide exceptional services, while delivering high quality results. For more information about our services, please contact our office today!

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