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Dealing with Damage After a Storm

Tips for Dealing with Storm Damage

In the spring and summer months, there is always a risk of severe storms and hurricanes. Whenever they occur, 

they cause severe damage to our properties such as houses that require significant repairs. In the aftermath of these storms, acquiring the best repair services is not always easy, due to the influx of unqualified and unsuitable contractors who seek to provide these services. ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration is a home restoration company that offers legal and professional services to these affected houses. Our company advises the victims on how to deal with storm damage using the following tips.

After a storm, the first thing a homeowner should do is determine the extent of the damage. Documenting (taking photos or videos) on what you are seeing is essential as it shows the scope of the damaged property. It also helps in a straightforward compilation of the destructed items. If possible, it is also necessary to take photos of the roof before the storm hits because it serves as a reference when repairs are made.

Perform a visual inspection

If the damage requires specialized repair, you should contact a professional contractor as soon as the inspection is completed. Companies such as ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration have qualified professionals who diagnose the damage to determine how repairs need to be done. It is advisable to have a reputable contractor to perform the repairs immediately. In situations like these, some public adjusters take advantage by offering subpar services and then disappear afterwards. These adjusters usually contact homes that are affected, and most of them are frauds who insist on getting full payment before the work is completed. They are also capable of creating damages to the house with the intention of working for a more extended period to earn more money. Homeowners should avoid them unless they are licensed and reputable to prevent being provided with poor repairing services that are not long-lasting. In case you find such licensed and reliable contractor, the fee of the contract is first agreed upon before repairs commence.

Contact a repairing contractor

After a professional analysis and quote are done to determine the extent of the damage, you should contact your insurance adjuster to assess the damage and provide accurate financial costs for the repairs. The company then sends an adjuster who assesses the damage and subsequently explains the steps in the process of claims that include the time when money can be received. The insurance claim process usually takes a while thus emphasizing the need for a reputable contractor.

Contact your Insurance Company

Our Company offers necessary repairs to your home that are capable of lasting for a long time. Our vast experience in home repairs ensures quality and assured services. It is also easy to contact us in case of any concern that needs to be addressed in the aftermath of our services.

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