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Enjoy the Spring Bloom: Addressing Mold, Mildew, and Allergens

magnolia trees springtime blossoms spring 38910Spring – the very mention of the season brings to mind images of rebirth, growth, and beautiful days.

While the season is a welcomed escape from winter, it isn’t without it’s dangers. The influx of plant growth and the sudden presence of a warmer, humid climate in most areas means threats such as mold, mildew, and allergens can cause you problems.

Companies that specialize in water restoration, water damage, and natural disaster relief know all about these problems. Calling in the professionals can mean the difference between enjoying a clean, healthy spring or becoming ill due to the changing seasons.

Why Does Spring Cause Allergy Issues?

Water eyes and runny noses can be a nasty side-effect of smelling the spring flowers or even simply being exposed to microscopic traces of mold or mildew that creep through openings in a building.

Whether they come in through an HVAC unit’s vents or even the tiny openings near doors and windows, these allergens and organisms can do a lot of damage to a person’s health. It doesn’t take a natural disaster to create a big mold or mildew problem – some of the most well-kept, and nicest looking locations can be at risk for these issues.

The sudden change of climate can put building owners at a higher risk for these problems, but it is possible to address them with help from the proper specialists.

How to Guard Against Spring Hazards

When mold or mildew begins forming on indoor surfaces like granite floors, wood walls, or even carpets, it’s important to address it quickly.

Companies that specialize in water restoration and mold/mildew removal can provide the cleaning services you need to eliminate these ailment-causing agents and ensure your home or business isn’t harboring dangerous substances that put you and others at risk.

Using proven chemicals and methods, experts can help anyone eliminate the nasty agents that result from excess moisture and humidity or simply just the beginning of the spring season.

Don’t let mold, mildew, or allergens make your home or business a dangerous location – contact ServiceMaster and get expert cleaning services for a healthier facility this spring!

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