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Memorial Day Grilling Safety Tips

Grilling HamburgerMemorial Day will soon be upon us! This holiday is the kickoff to summer, which makes it the perfect time for having family and friends over to grill hamburgers and hot dogs. However, with the increase in grilling, people need to be safe to ensure they do not start a fire that can damage their home and their belongings. Thus, at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration, we decided to share some fundamental grilling safety tips for Memorial Day.

Know Your Grill’s Safety Zone - When deciding the location of your grill, you must consider numerous factors for safety reasons. The first rule is to make sure that your grill is away from any valuable possessions, like your house. Other environmental hazards to avoid are placing the grill under low-hanging trees that can easily catch fire or stationing the grill on a flammable dead patch of grass. If just one rogue spark jumps on to one of those listed objects, it can easily start a fire. Therefore, best practice is to keep your grill away from anything flammable. Placing it on a cement fixture is also ideal because cement does not easily catch fire. The cement also provides a flat and stable foundation for the grill so that an accidental bump does not knock over the device.

General Tips and Quick Checks – In addition to knowing your grill’s safety zone, there are several other simple safety procedures you can follow like regularly cleaning and inspecting your grill. Wash the grates thoroughly and check the gas line for leaks before grilling. Another general tip is to be extra cautious when handling the charcoal starter fluid. Starter fluid outside the grill is an easy way to create an unintended fire. Lastly, you should always be cautious when the grill is actually in use. For example, never leave it unattended once it is lit. Furthermore, don’t allow pets or children to play near the grill either, as this is a recipe for disaster. All it takes is one missed baseball catch to knock over the machine and create a fire hazard.

Keep Fire Extinguishers Nearby - Last but not least, keep a fire extinguisher nearby when you are cooking. With a fire extinguisher nearby, you can suppress any issue before it turns into something damaging and unmanageable. There are several classes of fire extinguishers, so you will need to select the correct one related to your situation.

Unfortunately, accidents can occur even when we are cautious. If your property needs fire damage restoration, you can find more information about our services here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at either our Florence or Lexington offices! We hope that using the guidelines provided though will prevent any unwanted fires from occurring!

From the team at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration, we wish you a happy Memorial Day! Now get out there, play in the sun, and enjoy the start of summer. We hope you have a great time!

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