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Mold in Schools

Mold Remediation: it's not just something that happens in flood zones and when sewer mains break. The rain in Florence might not be common, but it can certainly rain enough that an unprotected building will quickly find itself inhabited by mold once the skies clear up.

Particularly vicious are the occasions when a school's maintenance crew lets a gap in the building go unattended. It can be as ordinary as a crack in the mortar between a building's bricks or the pipe from a water fountain leaking behind the wall, regardless of the cause you will need to eliminate the moisture and water.

It might start in the ceiling crawlspace, but eventually, moisture levels can become high and the air conditioners can create enough cool air, causing condensation on the walls of the building. Once there's static water, no matter how little, sitting on an interior surface, it's just a matter of time before mold spores begin to settle. And once mold growth occurs, the only thing you can do to ensure the elimination of mold is to request a mold remediation service.

This means that a group of mold remediation specialists need to discover the source of the mold, seal the affected area, eliminate the mold growth, remove infested materials, and sanitize the area. Either way, water damage or water intrusion must be identified immediately and sealed or the entire process will start again, requiring you to call the experts to return and provide remediation services.

You must handle a mold situation quickly as you're responsible for taking care of hundreds of children, and exposing children to mold that may be potentially toxic is unacceptable. For professional mold remediation services, contact ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration.

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