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Preparing Your Home for Spring

Spring Cleaning a Window
We’ve all heard the term spring cleaning, and with the season just around the corner, it’s time to start putting together those to-do lists in order to fully prepare our homes for the upcoming season. Whether it’s mowing the lawn or cleaning out the gutters, here’s our list of tasks that will help you prepare for spring.

Get Your HVAC System Ready.

The last thing you want to experience is a hot day with no functioning HVAC system. Make sure you thoroughly clean and test the system to guarantee that it won’t break down on you throughout the spring and summer season. Some cleaning suggestions are to replace the filters and repair any damages.

Clean Your Gutters.

The winter season will likely have put your home through some adverse stormy weather. This will lead to an increase in debris on your roof which will eventually collect and impede water flow in your gutters. Make sure you clean out your gutters so that any water flowing off your roof this spring drains properly.

Inspect Your Roof.

Since you’ll likely need to climb up to your roof to clean your gutters, why not take the time to inspect your roof as well? It doesn’t take long to perform a brief inspection of your roof, and you can detect early signs of roof damage such as loose shingles and cracks.

Repair Chipped Paint Around the Exterior of Your Home.

As the temperature increases, cracks in the paint can start to form around weak points on the exterior of your home. This can expose the materials underneath, such as wood, so make sure you remove any old and dry bits of paint, and also repaint over those patches to protect the structure of your home from outside damage. You may also want to clean your siding if there’s no chipped or cracked paint.

Maintaining Your Smoke Detectors.

There’s never a bad time to replace the batteries in your smoke detector. You should ideally do this at the start of every season as a good maintenance habit. Make sure you replace the battery with a new one to ensure that it won’t stop working when you need it the most.

Reverse Ceiling Fans.

If you changed the direction of your ceiling fan for the cold season, make sure you change it back so that the blades blow air down into your room instead of pulling the air up.

The Yearly Spring Clean.

A spring cleaning will help you get rid of any excess clutter in your home. Throw out and recycle anything that you no longer use, and also vacuum all the surfaces in your home. Spring cleaning is a good time to access otherwise difficult places to clean, such as behind your refrigerator or your basement.

Final Words.

We hope that these tips have helped you create a comprehensive to-do list to prepare your home for the spring season. From everyone at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration, we wish you all the best in spring and hope you have a fantastic season!

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