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Prepping Your Home for Pollen Season

Pollen AllergyFor many people, the beginning of spring is an enjoyable time full of change and new adventures. For others, it starts the tedious process of keeping pollen allergies at bay. As much as you can avoid going outside to stay away from the sneezy, sticky stuff, you also need to prevent it from getting into your home. When pollen season is in full swing, you need to take preventative measures to keep your house a pollen free zone. As the pollen count increases, you and your family become more susceptible to those nasty allergies. So, listed below are a few ways to fight off the yellow gunk.

Wipe Your Feet

When you head outside for a walk, your shoes will soon become riddled with unwanted pollen. Make sure you wipe your feet on a mat every time you enter the house. Another good idea is to leave your shoes outside or as close to the door as possible. This practice contains the pollen to a particular area and prevents it from scattering throughout your home.

Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Every so often, especially in the spring and summer months, you should enlist the help of a professional carpet cleaning service. Pollen can lodge itself in your upholstery. With it so deeply imbedded, you can never get away from it, even when you’re trying to sleep at night. A full carpet clean throughout your house will prevent pollen from sticking around when it’s not welcome, giving you a fresh start at home. You can learn more about ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration’s carpet cleaning services here.

Park Your Car in the Garage

Leaving your car outside for long periods of time will expose it to pollen. If you don’t have a garage, you can give it a quick wash as often as possible. Accidentally moving pollen inside the car is quite easy; it happens every time you open or close the doors or windows. Use antibacterial wipes to keep the car handles clean and clear from any intrusive pollen.

Wash Your Pets

If your dog or cat has been out for a walk, their fur will accumulate pollen, making you and your family sneeze when spending time with your pet. Brush or wash their fur as soon as they come back in the house so that their little paws aren’t spreading the yellow spores around your home.

Keep Your Hair Clean

As well as your pet’s fur, your hair can carry pollen as well. Make sure you wash it regularly, especially before you go to bed. You don’t want your pillows covered in unwanted pollen. Another precautionary action is to wear a hat or scarf on your head whenever you go outside. This will prevent pollen from making its home in your hair.

All in all, you might need to adjust your day to day routine as the seasons change. Whether you’re enlisting professionals like ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration to clean your carpets, or you’re improving your daily hygiene around the house, all of these steps will help prevent pollen from infesting your home during peak season. If you have any question, you can either contact our Florence or Lexington locations. We’re happy to answer your questions. We hope you enjoyed learning how to prevent pollen from infiltrating your home!

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