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Removing Allergens through Spring Cleaning

Spring CleaningServiceMaster serves commercial and residential clients by providing landscape maintenance, termite and pest control,disaster response and reconstruction, cleaning and disaster restoration, house cleaning, furniture repair and home inspection.  Our technicians have the training and experience to assist in almost any type of scenario, including home restoration and weather damage, and regularly complete professional development to stay up-to-date on industry best practices and standards. You can trust our technicians to help eliminate spring allergens utilizing the latest equipment and techniques.

Spring is the time for people to air out their homes after shutting the windows and heating the residence during the winter.  At ServiceMaster, we offer comprehensive cleaning services to help rid your home of the dirt, dust, and the common allergens that build up over the winter months.  Some of the most common indoor allergens which trigger allergic reactions include: dust, dust mite droppings, mold, pet dander, cockroaches, and food.  It is important to ensure that all the allergens are removed from the environment before the warmer months arrive.

Allergens exist everywhere in your home and optimal clearing can be done through targeting the most common areas where the allergens hide. ServiceMaster has a number of ways to ensure that the cleaning efficiently reduces indoor allergens. Cleaning should be done early in the season by opening windows and allowing for the home to be ventilated. The use of HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting) air purifiers assist in collecting allergens. The carpet can be vacuumed weekly with a professional steam cleaner from ServiceMaster. Rugs should also be taken outside and beaten regularly to remove dirt and dust. We also clean pillows, duvets, duvet covers and the sheets.

Ceiling and bathroom fans, and lampshades should be cleaned with a moist cloth since they also collect a lot of dust, pet hair, and other allergens.  Never use a dry cloth for dusting as it can stir up dust mite allergens.  Piles of paper should also be removed from the home so that cockroaches cannot find places to hide and shed their body parts and feces, which are allergens.

ServiceMaster also assists clients with filter changes, especially clients who suffer with allergies in their home.  We advise clients to use allergen reduction filters which we can placed within the HVAC unit; they contain the allergens better than the fiberglass filters which are commonly used in homes. We offer other services for your home such as spraying allergen soft surfaces like drapes, sofa pillows, and carpets. These services can be done on a weekly basis with the use of Febreze allergen reducer which can reduce the airborne allergens by over 75%.

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  • Arrives when appointment made, calling first. Very careful when going thru doorways. Friendly and courteous.

    Beverly Gunter
  • Technician was very thorough and pleasant. Carpets looked great. I especially liked that he came back to follow-up on a few remaining spots and eliminated them! I will hang on to your phone number and use you again!

    Mimi Mitcham
  • Everything... Service, professional, extreamly thorough and polite!

    Andrea Crew
  • Best clean ever! I thought I was going to have to get new rugs! Tyrone did an awesome job!

    Hunter Burch