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Stop the Spread of COVID-19 with Professional Cleaning

Stop the Spread of COVID-19 with Professional Cleaning

As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to grow worldwide, officials are working to understand the illness and limit transmission. As of this writing, South Carolina has 32 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and the virus is expected to spread quickly over the coming weeks and months. To help contain the virus, protect your employees, and minimize disruption to business operations, employers are encouraged to promote good personal hygiene, such as frequent hand washing, and maintain a clean workspace.

ServiceMaster offers cleaning and disinfection services for businesses affected by COVID-19. If an employee has tested positive for the coronavirus, help prevent transmission by having your workspace professionally sanitized by our technicians to eliminate the germs that cause the illness.

Not much is known about the novel coronavirus at this time, including how long it can survive on surfaces. Out of an abundance of caution, we recommended having environments impacted by coronavirus professionally cleaned to protect healthy individuals from infection, especially those susceptible to the most severe respiratory symptoms of COVID-19.

To learn more about our sanitation services or to schedule an appointment, contact ServiceMaster.

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  • Arrives when appointment made, calling first. Very careful when going thru doorways. Friendly and courteous.

    Beverly Gunter
  • Technician was very thorough and pleasant. Carpets looked great. I especially liked that he came back to follow-up on a few remaining spots and eliminated them! I will hang on to your phone number and use you again!

    Mimi Mitcham
  • Everything... Service, professional, extreamly thorough and polite!

    Andrea Crew
  • Best clean ever! I thought I was going to have to get new rugs! Tyrone did an awesome job!

    Hunter Burch