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Mold Damage and Remediation

mold on walls

ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration can provide mold remediation and removal services for your home or business facility. Mold is a bothersome situation to have, as mold generally develops in areas hidden from plain sight such as behind walls, underneath carpeting or tiling, and in ceilings. Most likely, these areas are ones that have sustained water damage, have excess amounts of moisture, or are rich in humidity. If left unattended mold can become a health hazard to those who are exposed for prolonged periods, leading to a development of breathing complications, allergic reactions, and even illnesses.

mold removal

We can provide professional mold remediation and removal services. Beginning with an assessment of your property, we locate the source of mold and use the necessary tools and products to effectively eliminate the growth for good. Once your property is thoroughly removed of mold, we take the necessary precautions to implement preventative measures, by filtering the air of mold spores and sanitizing all surfaces within the area of any leftover mold particles. Call us today for your mold remediation service needs!

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  • Arrives when appointment made, calling first. Very careful when going thru doorways. Friendly and courteous.

    Beverly Gunter
  • Technician was very thorough and pleasant. Carpets looked great. I especially liked that he came back to follow-up on a few remaining spots and eliminated them! I will hang on to your phone number and use you again!

    Mimi Mitcham
  • Everything... Service, professional, extreamly thorough and polite!

    Andrea Crew
  • Best clean ever! I thought I was going to have to get new rugs! Tyrone did an awesome job!

    Hunter Burch